Barbara Kent Lawrence taught for many years in schools in Washington, DC, Connecticut, and Maine, at Boston University and Northeastern University, and from 2000 to 2010 at Lesley University in Massachusetts. Her academic credentials include a BA in Anthropology from Bennington College, MA in Sociology from New York University, and an Ed.D. in Administration, Training, and Policy Studies from Boston University. 

In addition, Dr. Lawrence has written and lectured about the affect of culture on aspirations, issues affecting small schools, and school-community facilities. The audience for these publications includes other professionals in the field, as well as advocates for small schools, students, and community members. 



Working Memory: the influence of culture on aspirations, Dissertation, Boston University,1998. Winner, 1998 Dissertation Award, National Rural Education Association

Dollars and Sense: The Cost-Effectiveness of Small Schools, Lawrence, Barbara Kent et al, KnowledgeWorks, Concordia, Inc. and The Rural School and Community Trust, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2002.

The Hermit Crab Solution: Creative Alternatives for Improving Rural School Facilities & Keeping Them Close to Home, AEL, Charleston, West Virginia. 2004

Dollars and Sense: Lessons from Good, Cost Effective Small Schools, Lawrence, Barbara Kent et al, KnowledgeWorks, Concordia, Inc. and Architects of Achievement, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2005.


Rural Gifted Education: A Comprehensive Literature Review. Journal of Gifted Education, in process. 2008.

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Schools for Successful Communities: An Element of Smart Growth, Council of Educational Facility Planners International and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, September 2004. One of eight contributing authors.

Land for Granted: The Effects of Acreage Policies on Rural Schools and Communities, Rural School and Community Trust, December, 2003

Save a Penny, Lose a School: The Real Cost of Deferred Maintenance, the Rural School and Community Trust, Washington, DC, 2003.

Lowering the Overhead by Raising the Roof and other strategies for small schools, The Rural School and Community Trust, Washington, DC, 2002.

Selected Papers Presented:

Praxis to Practice: Putting Qualitative Methods To Work for Rural Education, paper presented at the Annual Qualitative Research in Rural Education Conference, Morganstown, WV, May 20-21, 1999. ED436326 
The Importance of Sustainability for Rural Schools, meeting of the National Rural Education Association, “ October 14 – 17, Buffalo, NY, 1998. ED 425030 
There’s Many a Slip Between the Cup and the Lip, In: The Many Faces of Rural Education. Proceedings of the Annual NREA Convention (89th, Tucson, AZ, September 24-27, 1997); see RC 021 239. 
Working Memory: The Influence of Culture on Aspirations, Dissertation, Boston University, 1998. Dissertation of the Year, 1998, National Rural Education Association.
Sketches of Maine, Spring, 1995, presented in part at The South End Open Studios, Writers Workshop, September, 22, 1996 
'What the Red Squirrel is to the Gray’: The Importance of Culture in the Composition of School Boards on Mount Desert Island, Maine, Paper presented at the National Rural Education Association meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 4, 1995. ED 389 502
Working Memory: The Influence of Culture on Education, A Case Study of Tremont, Maine, a paper presented at the National Rural Education Association Meeting, San Antonio, October 13, 1996. ED 407193
Ireland and Maine: Two Responses to Education. A paper presented to the Research Forum of the National Rural Education Association the Annual meeting, Buffalo, New York, October 16, 1998.


Bitter Ice: a memoir of love food, and obsession, Rob Weisbach/Wm. Morrow Inc. New York, 1998

The Hungry i: a work book for partners of men with eating disorders, Greene Bark Press, Allentown, PA, 2010

Islands of Time, a novel,  Just Write Books, Topsham, Maine, 2013.

The Other Island: BEN's STORY, Maine Authors Publishing, 2016

Both Sides of the Pond: My Family's War: a work in progress

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Academic Work

High School:         Milton Academy 1961 

College:                  Bennington College  B.A. Anthropology    1965 

Graduate School: New York University  1969  M.A. Sociology
                                  Boston University School of Education, 1998, Ed.D.
                                  Administration, Training, and Policy Studies 
                                  Dissertation: "The Influence of Culture on Aspirations, a Case Study of Tremont, ME.  
                                  National Rural Education Association Dissertation Award    1997-98 


     Director, Facilities Initiative
     The Rural School and Community Trust                    1998 - 2004  

     Adjunct Professor, Lesley University                          2000 - 2010 
     Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University                2004 - 2006

    School of Education, Boston University
    Teaching Assistant to Dr. Charles Glenn                       1995 - 1997 

    Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT
    Teacher: History, Sociology, Anthropology
    Chairman: History Department, Dean of Guidance     1971 - 1979 

REAL ESTATE             
    Broker, Consultant LandVest, Boston Office               1995 - 1999 
    Train Properties, Ltd.
     President, Designated Broker and Co-Owner              1980 -1997 

​   President: Stewardship Education Alliance                   2018-present
   Member, Hamilton-Wenham School Committee          2012-2015
   Citizens School: "Brain Trust"                                      1996 - 1997                                                   
   Trinity Church, Boston, Education Task Force             1996 - 1998 
   Field Studies for Children, and Environmental program at College of the Atlantic 
   Founder/Member of Advisory Board                               1980 - 1996 
   The Tremont School Fund:  Co-Founder and Chair      1984 - 1990 

    Vestry member: St. Thomas' Episcopal Church          2017 -  2020
    President,/Member Hamilton-Wenham GREEN         2007 - 2015
    Member: Hamilton Government Study Committee    2005-2006
    Member: Hamilton -Wenham Capital Management Committee    2007 - 2012
    Board Member: League of Women Voters of Hamilton-Wenham  2009- 2012


Courses taught at Lesley University and Northeastern University

Lives in Context
Writing Skills I
Writing Lab
Research Seminar
Stages of Life: Adulthood 

Independent Guided Topics:

Writing: Topics
Creative Writing 

Social Sciences: Topics
Gender typing in a pre-school
Family Issues for parents of LD students
Environmental law 

Fashion as a reflection of the changing role of women
Sexual abuse of girls and women by priests and family members
The meaning of menstruation for women
The journey of Irish women as told by the granddaughter of an immigrant
Journey of a 'project kid' from Cambridge 

Small schools
Culture change and acculturation
Social movements and the Sixties